“Chartex Charts are designed to educate”.

There are 4 new Chartex Anatomy & Physiology Educational Manuals covering the Muscle & Skeletal System, the Joint Anatomy System, the Heart & Circulatory System and the Nervous System. These all show the anatomy and physiology of the body relative to exercise and include revision sheets to self test knowledge and understanding.
The 2 new Laminated Portfolios, the Muscle Chart Series which provides Charts covering the Major Anterior & Posterior Muscles and the Major Anterior & Posterior Muscle Attachments on to an annotated Skeleton and the Joint Anatomy Series which has nine Charts illustrating bones, ligaments and muscles and describes the link between joint actions and the muscles responsible for each movement.

Both the Manuals and Portfolios are ideal for study reference by both Teachers and Pupils.

The Health Series provides 5 educational Charts illustrating Drugs Can Kill, the Adverse Effects of Tobacco Smoking, Alcohol Abuse Can Kill, Healthy Eating & Regular Exercise, and Sexual Health. This series of Charts is designed to show people that the social pleasures of Alcohol and Tobacco, can kill and the consequences of become addicted to Drugs.They are also designed to educate people of the dangers and problems associated with obesity and sexual diseases.

These are all problems which affect our modern society and in which people need education so that they can address the problems.