The Chartex Charts – Major Anterior Muscles, Major Posterior Muscles, Major Muscle Attachments Anterior View & Major Muscle Attachments Posterior View are all superbly illustrated and colourful so they make learning much easier.

The major muscles and major bone structures are all clearly identified and named, with simple explanations defining the muscle action. Distal and Proximal attachments of all major muscles are shown with simple explanation about muscle attachments.

The Muscle Charts also have information about muscles used in major sports and identify which exercises strengthen that muscle. Other useful information displayed is ADL (Activities for Daily Living) which shows the normal daily activities that utilise that muscle. This can be very handy for people going through rehab.

The Nervous System Charts have 4 charts which show the Major Nerves of the Upper Limb and Lower Limb and they also provide information about which muscles are supplied by Major Nerves. The other 2 Charts provide an Anterior and a Posterior view of the Origin of Cutaneous Nerves together with Dermatone Distribution. These Charts are ideal for home use, Schools, Colleges, Physiotherapy Departments, Doctors rooms, Health Centres and Fitness Facilities.

Muscle Chart Series - 4 Charts

Muscle Chart Series – 4 Charts

Nervous System Charts - 6 Charts

Nervous System Charts – 6 Charts