Whether you compete in your chosen sport at an amateur or professional level sport specific training has become the norm.

A well chosen training regime can be the difference between winning or losing, and the Chartex Training for Your Sport Chart helps you select the exercises relevant to your sport whilst the Strength and Power Training Chart helps explain the different techniques required in the training process.

The Nutrition for Sports Performance Chart will help you get the best results from the effort you put into your training. Strength, power, speed, co-ordination, endurance, & nutrition all play their part in top sporting performance.

Golfers can get a far greater understanding of which muscles to strengthen to improve their game by studying the Muscles At Work During the Golf Swing Chart and they can also help their game by using the Stretch for Better Golf Chart to improve flexibility.

For those Golfers who would like to have an instructional Home Fitness Programme the Chartex Keeping Fit for Golf Kit which consists of a Book, a DVD / Video and Resistance Tubing is the answer to lowering their handicap.

The Chartex Fitness for Rugby Chart series covers Endurance, Speed, Strength & Power, Nutrition and Flexibility and is essential for Schools, Colleges and Clubs playing Rugby.

Coaches can use any of these colourful, well illustrated Charts as a visual training aid and any athlete can use these charts to help them plan their training regime and achieve better results.

Drugs in Sport Charts

Drugs in Sport Charts

Fitness Charts

Fitness Charts

golf charts

Golf Charts

Health Series Chart

Health Series Charts

rugby series charts

Rugby Series Charts